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Sports Injury Chiropractor in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Get quality care that will have you back on top of your game with our sports injury chiropractor in Lakewood Ranch, FL. We know that sports injuries can be some of the most frustrating and painful, particularly for active individuals who are accustomed to regular physical exertion. Whether for professional or recreational pastime, you deserve to regain your best athletic and active lifestyle function. At Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic, Inc. our team is ready to help you get on the road to healing.

Offering holistic chiropractic and physical therapy treatment options is our passion. We look forward to seeing our patient heal from injuries with the best possible results, and manage pain in the process with non-invasive techniques and methods. If you need help to begin, maintain, or complete your healing journey, we are here to offer the support services that you need.

Sports Injury Treatment That Gets the Ball Rolling

Initial stages of treatment are critical for sports injury treatment. Knowing how to minimize pain without risking the speed of your recovery potential is our specialty. Once pain levels are managed, our goal becomes restoring flexibility, strength, and functionality to injured tissues. You will be supported, but also challenged, when you work with our enthusiastic and professional team.

Habitually doing corrective exercises at home will retrain your muscles, so you can help to optimize your results. We correct underlying conditions which may have contributed to the occurrence of the initial injury as well, such as muscle imbalances, strengthening weaker muscles, and making postural corrections. You can take steps to be part of your own healing process. When we're done, you may be even stronger than you were before.

Sports Injury in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Benefits of Sports Injury Therapy

The first step to successful sports injury therapy is performing a comprehensive evaluation. That way, our skilled chiropractor finds the cause and any underlying injury as well. As a practice, we specialize in understanding and promoting the best health of your musculoskeletal system. Alleviating pain or inflammation by expert chiropractic manipulation is our specialty. We may recommend therapeutic massage for soft tissues, make adjustments, or coach you through your exercises until you have them down perfectly.

The Particular Pain & Inconvenience of Shoulder Injuries

Are you are suffering from a stiff or frozen shoulder, inflamed rotator cuff, pulled deltoids, or simply chronic pain from years of overusing or overextending your shoulder joint? Our chiropractor assesses and diagnoses your condition in order to create a treatment plan that will help you overcome your shoulder pain. With non-invasive, natural treatment options, you won't have the financial or psychological burden of surgery.

Contact us today to start your journal to wellness. We proudly serve patients in Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Sarasota, Holmes Beach, and Palmetto, Florida.