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Auto Accident Chiropractor in Lakewood Ranch, FL

There's nothing quite so frustrating and debilitating as getting in a car accident—except perhaps facing the painful and time-consuming damage to your body in the aftermath. At Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic, we understand the difficulties that an accident-related injury can cause in your daily life. As a comprehensive treatment facility, we have the expertise and technology to help you get your life back on track.

Our auto accident chiropractor in Lakewood Ranch, FL, takes a holistic approach to design and implementation of treatments. We may recommend various measures like interferential electrical muscle stimulation, cryotherapy, paraffin baths, heat application, therapeutic massage, or even mechanical traction to speed your healing process.

Once your pain levels are managed, we spend office appointment time working toward restoring lost flexibility and strength to your injured tissues. We may massage the damaged tissue, make manual adjustments, or coach you for therapeutic exercises. You're sure to feel supported and challenged by our dedicated staff. We specialize in the following treatments and issues:

Auto Accident in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Benefits of Seeing an Auto Injury Chiropractor

When you see a specialized auto injury chiropractor, you can rest assured that your best interest is our priority. Often healthcare professionals try to apply blanket types of treatments or medications that may not address the root cause of a painful issue caused by the trauma particular to an accident, such as a pinched or trapped nerve.

This type of pain starts when sensitive nerve endings become trapped between surrounding muscles or joints. This can send erroneous pain signals to the brain each time you move and the endings become further compressed. Chiropractic care helps relax the grip around these nerve endings, which allows them to return to their normal positions.

A Car Accident Chiropractor Can Help You Have a Healthy Future

After an automobile accident, the first thing you want is for life to get back to normal. Even if you don't have any visible injuries or immediate pain, however, you could be at risk for complications down the road. Our car accident chiropractor has the knowledge and experience to help you reduce your risk for chronic pain conditions as you age.

Whiplash Treatment That Gives You Relief

Unfortunately, whiplash isn't necessarily obvious right after an accident. It can manifest well after the accident, as the body "settles" a bit, revealing overextended or sprained muscles. The best way to prevent issues from occurring or getting worse is to schedule an examination. We do in-house X-rays and examinations to determine the source of your discomfort or identify potential future issues. We also create comprehensive treatment plans to manage pain and prevent or correct potential misalignment of the spine.

Contact us today to find out more about how our services can help you heal and regain your daily life functions after an accident. We proudly serve patients in Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Sarasota, Holmes Beach, and Palmetto, Florida.