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Massage Therapist in Lakewood Ranch, FL

If you are tired of chronic pain and looking for effective, natural relief, you can rely on our message therapist in Lakewood Ranch, FL. To ensure that we can accommodate our patients at any time, we have two massage therapists on staff and available to make appointments. Massage therapy not only reduces stress, but also flushes toxins from your body, which allows your immune system to function at optimal levels. It is particularly effective for patients with chronic health conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Our services are geared toward total wellness. At Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic, we believe in combining the best of traditional and modern approaches and techniques. When combined with chiropractic adjustment, therapeutic massage relaxes and strengthens your tissues and allows the benefits of the treatment to take maximum effect. Due to the scientifically proven benefits of this treatment, many insurance companies will cover the services of a massage therapist.

Message Therapy in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage therapy restores blood flow, which reduces painful inflammation by providing your problem areas with the nutrients and fresh oxygen you need. Inflammation pushes your tissues out of place and significantly slows the healing process. Massage also reduces the inflammation and swelling that surrounds areas of injury, so you can regain strength and wellness.

If your injury has decreased your ability to move or utilize a joint, massage can improve your range of movement in just one treatment. Improving flexibility not only reduces the risk of future injury, but also helps arrest the growth of scar tissue. When you are relaxed, your stress levels decrease, which is another added benefit during the pain and stress you experience after an injury. It gives you the physical and mental advantage of creating a healing state for your mind and body.

Deep Tissue Massage Offers Proven Relief for Chronic Pain

Deep tissue massage maintains a focus on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. This type of massage is similar to Swedish massage, but the more intense pressure is typically beneficial for releasing chronic muscle tension and soreness. A study on the effects was published in 2008 that was conducted on participants who reported muscle spasm or strain. The researchers found that deep tissue massage can definitively lower heart rate and blood pressure.

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